DM1920-3X 6th generation ultra-high-definition single-cylinder digital infrared night vision telescope

The 6th generation ultra-high-definition single-cylinder digital infrared night vision telescope is used day and night/large field of view/high-definition photo and video/GPS positioning/supports APP remote control operation

Functional Features

Product Details
★6th generation low illumination image sensor
Using a new 6th generation low-illumination image sensor, it is easier to detect targets, especially in dark environments with low light.
★All-weather observation for both day and night use
Supports all-weather observation day and night, without any time restrictions. Two viewing modes, day and night, can be selected according to the ambient light used.
★Provide ultra-high-definition full-field images at all times
The new 6th generation ultra-high-definition sensor combined with an advanced image processor can provide users with full-field high-definition image quality, all observation details are presented one by one, and there is no loss of image resolution under magnification!
★Enable video recording or photo taking function with one click
During the observation process, you can turn on the high-definition video recording or photo taking function with one click to record wonderful moments in time, truly realizing "see what you think and take pictures of what you see". It also supports recording of surrounding sounds and saving of time and date.
★WIFI connects to mobile phone to realize simultaneous viewing and remote control functions
It can be connected to smart devices such as mobile phones (Android and iOS systems) through built-in Wi-Fi. Users only need to download the APP called "Mobile Vision" for free in the app store. Through the APP software on your mobile phone, you can watch the image displayed in the eyepiece of the instrument simultaneously in real time, remotely control functions such as taking photos and videos, set parameters remotely, and play/download/delete/share pictures and video files with one click ( Share pictures and videos to WeChat/QQ/Douyin, etc.).
★Effective observation distance in total darkness
The intensity of the infrared illuminator is increased, providing further auxiliary lighting in a completely dark environment, ensuring an effective observation distance.
★Smooth digital zoom (zoom in or out)
Smooth digital zoom achieves the perfect combination of magnification and field of view. You can zoom in or out on the viewing target to get a panoramic view or get a closer look at details.
★Outdoor GPS positioning function
The precise outdoor GPS positioning function can effectively locate the user's geographical location, making it convenient to record the route and share the location coordinates with family, friends or colleagues.
★Image brightness adjustment function
Users can manually adjust the brightness of the viewed image according to personal preference.
★Wide eyepiece design
In order to provide users with a comfortable viewing experience, the eyepiece design has increased the width of the lens, with the eyepiece diameter reaching 19mm. The wide eyepiece design reduces eye fatigue and dryness caused by long-term observation.
★Ultra-broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating
The objective lens adopts ultra-wideband multi-layer coating, which allows more light to enter the night vision device, enhances the light transmittance, and makes the observation image brighter.
★Ergonomic body design
Designed according to ergonomics, the non-slip and lightweight body is very comfortable to hold with both hands, even with one hand. Let you use it as easily as using a telescope.
★Supports micro SD cards within the 4G-128G range
Insert a micro SD card (4G-128G) and take videos or pictures to save the record of your adventure and share the wonderful moments with family and friends!
★Supports multiple power modes
Supports a variety of power sources, such as batteries, mobile power supplies (power banks), DC, car power supplies, etc. Meets different choices and is flexible to use.
★Supports installation of tripod
Supports installing a tripod (1/4 screw) for fixed-point viewing, making viewing and shooting more stable.

Technical Indicators



Sensor resolution


Amplified factor

15 45 continuous doubling times

Field of view

8 (horizontal direction) x5 (vertical angle)

Vision adjustment range (refraction)

+5 /-5

Focal distance of objective


Photographic quality


Video quality


Observation pattern

Day / night mode (color / black and white)

Night mode gear

1-4 gear (n1 / n2 / n3 / n4)

Screen brightness adjustment

Yes (1-3 gear)

Infrared assisted distance

1-500 m (vary according to target and environment)

Battery types

18650 lithium battery (1 section)

Battery voltage range


Other power supply methods

Support (such as charge bank, dc power supply, vehicle power supply, etc.)

Low electricity instructions


The tf memory card port

Yes (support for 4g-128g)

Usb port

Yes, (type-c)

The wifi connects to the mobile phone app

Support ios & android (image video transmission / remote control) can be one to-many

The wifi connection app effective distance

Within 20 meters



Electronic compass




Pitch angle & horizontal angle




Date record


Language selection

Chinese, english

Dust and waterproof grade

Waterproof life

External tripod

Support (1 / 4 screws)

Product size



342 grams

Official warranty

In 1 year

Overall Dimension


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